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We don’t like to brag but…

Experienced in this industry!

I live in Columbus Ohio, I found this store online. I called the store, I spoke to Brandon for good 15-20 minutes, I found him very knowledgeable and experienced in this industry. I told him, I will come next day to visit his store. I was only interested in a really good massaging chair.

Mohsin Ahmad

Columbus, OH

The salesman greeted!

I visited the new Wisewell massage chair store in Strongsville.  The store has soft relaxing music playing.  The salesman greeted me and set me down in an amazing chair.  We had a friendly chat.  No high pressure sales technique just looking to help me find a chair that would meet my needs.

Greg Davis

Strongsville, OH

I would definitely recommend!

There is nobody in the state (country?) that has the selection this store has of massage chairs.  All quality stuff too.  And they have some cool beds and recliners too.  I would definitely recommend stopping by and getting a free trail in a massage chair if nothing else.

Michael Long

Strongsville, OH

Frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between S Track and L Track?

The S Track design matches the contour of the back, and ends at the glutes. The L Track allows for the roller component to massage deep into the glutes.

What material is used on the exterior of most massage chairs?

While some luxury models offer genuine leather, most massage chairs are equipped with an antimicrobial synthetic leather, meant to uphold thousands of uses and easily cleaned with sanitary products.

Which chairs are FDA Registered?

All massage chairs offered by Wisewell are FDA Registered Class III Medical Devices. This means they can be used regularly without the risk of injury.

How often should a massage chair be used?

We recommend using massage sessions up to 40 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes in the evening. The next day, use a Full Body Air session (without the roller component, utilizes air cells only) in the morning, and a Stretch session in the evening. Resume massages the following day.

What is the difference between the roller component and air cells?

The roller component uses either wheels, rods, or knobs to create several motions, mimicking human hands to massage the muscles of the back. The air cells are polyurethane chambers and pockets filled by a small compressor, applying gentle pressure. This not only feels like a relaxing massage, but also puts focus on circulation and lymphatic flow in the targeted area.

How do I register my Extended Warranty?

Wisewell automatically registers your Extended Warranty, to save you time and provide lasting peace of mind. Just be sure to have your massage chair plugged into a surge protector, as this can affect your warranty!

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