Frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between S Track and L Track?

The S Track design matches the contour of the back, and ends at the glutes. The L Track allows for the roller component to massage deep into the glutes.

What material is used on the exterior of most massage chairs?

While some luxury models offer genuine leather, most massage chairs are equipped with an antimicrobial synthetic leather, meant to uphold thousands of uses and easily cleaned with sanitary products.

Which chairs are FDA Registered?

All massage chairs offered by Wisewell are FDA Registered Class III Medical Devices. This means they can be used regularly without the risk of injury.

How often should a massage chair be used?

 We recommend using massage sessions up to 40 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes in the evening. The next day, use a Full Body Air session (without the roller component, utilizes air cells only) in the morning, and a Stretch session in the evening. Resume massages the following day.

What is the difference between the roller component and air cells?

The roller component uses either wheels, rods, or knobs to create several motions, mimicking human hands to massage the muscles of the back. The air cells are polyurethane chambers and pockets filled by a small compressor, applying gentle pressure. This not only feels like a relaxing massage, but also puts focus on circulation and lymphatic flow in the targeted area.

How do I register my Extended Warranty?

Wisewell automatically registers your Extended Warranty, to save you time and provide lasting peace of mind. Just be sure to have your massage chair plugged into a surge protector, as this can affect your warranty!

When can I expect my product to be delivered?

Wisewell provides Full Service delivery, including installation, and removal of all packaging material. Products typically take 10 business days to arrive at a local terminal. Once it arrives, you will be contacted by our delivery partner to schedule install a time most convenient for you.

How can I increase or decrease the strength of my massages?

Most of our massage chairs come with a 3D Roller, allowing you to control the intensity of the massage. When 3D is turned down, the roller mechanism will recede into the body of the chair. If 3D is turned up, the roller will lift out from the chair, making the massage experience much stronger. Extra padding is almost always built into the massage chair, which will also adjust intensity. Some chairs deliver soft, therapeutic massages, while others are deep tissue strength by nature. We recommend calling to speak with one of our experts, as they can help determine which chair is best suited for your needs.

What is a Body Scan?

In our experience, only massage chairs that offer a Body Scan can deliver an accurate and effective massage. The roller component measures the body based on pressure, and can match the contours of the muscular structure accordingly. This way, no matter who is in the chair, their body type is mapped out in real-time for a customized experience.

Can I focus on one area of the body?

Wisewell recommends that a full “Pre-programmed” session is used first, to loosen the muscles, create some space in the connective tissue, and prepare the mind and body for spot treatment. After the program is complete, control the roller component in a “Manual” session. When using the “Manual” feature, select a roller motion (i.e. knead), and use the Up and Down “Roller” arrows to adjust the roller’s position on the back. This is the best way, in our experience, to work on your trouble areas.

What happens if the power goes out?

In the event of a power outage, the chair will release all pressure and stay in a “lay flat” position. The air compressor requires electricity to fill the air cells, and therefore will be deflated immediately.

Who would service a repair if something went wrong?

We have service agreements with repair technicians in all of the Continental U.S. These are trained professionals with a track record of delivering exceptional and timely support.

What is the point of the compression on the arms and legs?

Compression is especially helpful in the extremities, gently massaging to increase lymph and blood flow.

What are some health benefits associated with massage chairs?

The long list of health benefits include, but are not limited to: relaxation and stress relief, improved exercise recovery, reduced back pain, restful sleep, boosted immune system functionality.

What is the typical lifespan of a massage chair?

Depending on the manufacturer, our massage chair endurance ratings range from 1,250 to 2,500 hours of use. This equates to roughly 5,000 to 10,000 sessions! Oftentimes, customers use their massage chair for 10+ years before the need for an upgrade or repair.

Does Wisewell take trade-ins on old massage chairs?

Absolutely! Wisewell will determine the trade in value based on its condition and usability. Reach out for details!

How much electricity does an average massage chair use?

On average, each massage chair requires 1 amp of electricity. They are extremely energy efficient, and a 110 volt outlet provides plenty of power. Just be sure to use a surge protector, as this is essential to its Warranty coverage!

What is the meaning of the term Zero Gravity?

This position was developed by NASA to evenly distribute weight and pressure throughout the body. Essentially, the effect of gravity is spread evenly so that no single point of the body feels gravity’s force. Astronauts launch into outer space in the Zero Gravity position! Laid back at nearly 180 degrees, knees lifted slightly above heart level.

Is there a difference in warranty if you wanted to put the chair in a commercial setting?

Our Commercial Warranty covers all Parts and Labor for 2 Years, and costs $400 total.

What is a “J Track” and a “Max Track”?

These terms are used by different manufacturers to describe the latest style of track design, which allows the user to either enjoy the “lay flat” position with legs fully extended, or the “Zero Gravity” position with the knees slightly bent. Also, these tracks provide incredible Stretch capability without compromising the roller’s ability to massage the glutes and hamstrings.

What is the fourth dimension on 4D chairs?

4D is referring to the time variability of the roller component. These chairs are able to increase or decrease the speed of the massage.

How does the financing work?

Simple! Choose your financing terms, apply through our financing partner, GreenSky, via our website or over the phone. Once approved, use these funds to purchase your product. Your first bill will come the following month. There are NO early payoff fees, and either 0% Equal Payments or Deferred Interest options are available.

What is deferred interest?

Deferred Interest simply means that the consumer will not pay any interest, as long as the total loan amount is paid within the timeframe specified in your Loan Agreement.

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